uh, maybe not…


A funny thing happened while I was preparing to elaborate.  I decided I don’t want to… I don’t want to look back, only forward. 

Here’s the update:  It’s working!!!  When I went to work the other morning, I couldn’t believe how calm I felt. Why?  Because I didn’t spend the morning saying, “Blaine, please hurry.”  “Blaine, could you get moving, I don’t want to be late…”  “How’s it going in there Blaine?”  “Blaine, you need to be ready in three minutes, I have to leave…” and on and on. That’s how our mornings go.  

This week, I just got myself ready and out the door.  What a shocking difference!!  I’ve been so driving both Blaine and I nuts with my nagging.  (The only thing that worked, I always argued!)  Beginning the day with supreme stress.  Feeling bad about nagging, which only added to the stress.  Resenting Blaine for being who he is, feeling terribly guilty about it, feeling like such a flawed human being, which multiplied the stress, of course.  

But enough about that… because it’s a new day!  Shout it from the mountaintop!  It’s a new day! 


2 responses

  1. Wow is that all it took? Just relax! :o) Glad to hear everything is going well…So did Blaine just get ready on time without you having to nag?

  2. Not exactly. He was still in bed. The personal care attendant got him up and about after I left for work! That’s why it was so easy! I wasn’t there?!