World’s smallest book group bookblog


I am a proud member of the world’s smallest book group (WSBG).  We’ve been meeting since September 1990.  Well, Joyce, Reba and I have.  Darcy joined a few months later.  We still consider her a probationary member. 🙂

We are a very picky book group.  We don’t read just anything.  Each member has veto power and we exercise it often.  We might be a little quirky too.  We once chose a book on the basis of the smooth and sensual surface of its cover.  No kidding.  (It was the softcover version of The Discovery of Light by J.P. Smith)

We read at least one book a month, maybe more often two.  The other members are much smarter than I am. In fact, I bet they are the smartest people I know. Reba is in charge of detecting the theme when there is more than one book.  Joyce comes up with the best nominations.  Darcy has acute insight.  I fear I am known as the wacky one.  

So what follows is what we have been reading…