Marie goes to Web 2.0 expo


Wow! I got to attend the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco this year. A gathering for more than 5,000 geeks. And me. I looked long and hard for women of a certain age like me, but didn’t find many. It was interesting, provocative, and exciting and I took in so much information that my brain hurt for days.

Here are some highlights:

Favorite talk: Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody. You can read or watch his speech here:

Print version

Video version

Favorite profound quotes about Web 2.0: “The network is the computer. Data is the currency.” “Friction free conversation is the new norm.”

Favorite new vocabulary words/phrases: crowdsource, groundswell, ambient computing, cognitive surplus, and …..drumroll please………………….mullet strategy
Notes from a few hours (as told through my tweets):

web 2 dot O not web 2 point O? Am I the only one who did not know this?? 10:15 AM April 23, 2008 from mobile web

groundswell session very good, already have way too many ideas, r u ready team?! 10:58 AM April 23, 2008 from mobile web

Already lining up for today’s keynotes, should be good, rap music and roving lights setting the stage 03:36 PM April 23, 2008 from mobile web

geek rap??? I am not kidding 03:37 PM April 23, 2008 from mobile web

now playing “I hate your blog” –wait til I tell ric about this music genre 03:42 PM April 23, 2008 from mobile web

now playing rap song called “you’ve got aspergers”– what a country?!?!?! 03:53 PM April 23, 2008 from mobile web

officially appointing myself trivia tweeter of web 2.0 03:54 PM April 23, 2008 from mobile web
Sign of the times: Tim O’Reilly is interviewing Jonathan Schwartz (CEO of Sun) on stage. There are no mics set up for audience questions, so Tim invites the audience to twitter questions to him and he will read aloud. Doesn’t give his twitter name cuz it’s not even necessary.

Surprising fact learned: Cost of electricity is second only to cost of people for web companies. One-fifth of energy is used to just move air around. (We need to harness the waste energy, like the place in Switzerland where heat from a server farm is used to heat a swimming pool.)

Most unexpected sighting: woman wearing real snakeskin stiletto boots

My Web 2.0 expo haiku entry:
LCDs glow in dark room.
No suntans on display.
iPhones abound.


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