My blog is a noun, not a verb


OMG, I have been seriously slacking… I think if you have a blog (noun), you are supposed to actually blog (verb). Way more noun than verb around here lately. So I’m posting not one, not two, not three, but four posts at once!

I blame the weather and season, to some extent. Gardening tasks have been calling my name. Ric and I actually did our seasonal fill-the-yard-debris dumpster a few weekends ago, which revealed the glaring holes in the landscape where plants didn’t survive the winter. So those needed to be filled, which meant I got to go plant shopping!! I began with Portland Nursery, where I got some of the usual suspects.

For some reason, many of the plants I bought had blue blooms…

This past Sunday was Cistus, where I found some suitably odd and curious specimens.

And I’m not done yet! Joyce and I are going to the Rare Plant Nursery annual sale this weekend, so Iook for more rarities to show up soon.

The sweet pea starts have been set out along the east facing wall where they get maximum morning sun but not so much afternoon blaze. They look okay after the transplant shock, but I’m waiting for them to kick it up to the next gear and start clinging to the trellis.

Speaking off clinging to the trellis, we finally got most of the out of control akebia cut away. It did a great job of hiding the neighbor’s horrifyingly ugly wall (which he refuses to repaint, but then he can’t see it, can he?) but at the cost of smothering every shrub and tree in its vicinity in a kudzu-like fashion. I do hope the dove tree survives. Wonder if it will ever bloom? At least it can breathe now.

The window boxes outside the upstairs bedroom are planted, thanks to Ric climbing up onto the roof and emptying out last year’s debris. Hope they’ll be bursting forth soon.

The wisteria is in its full glory right now, I swear walking through the back yard is seriously intoxicating, literally overcomes you as you walk through the gate.

The lilacs are also at their peak… what lovely fragrance coming from that corner as well. And the California lilac is mustering up a glorious display again this year!

And though without any merit in the fragrance department, check out the amazing tree peony blooms this year!! Best ever, and I’ve had this plant 10 years now!!

The viburnum and daphne were spectacular this year as well. Can you tell I really love my fragrant plants? If you want some real estate in our yard, you best be smellin’ good!


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