Catching my breath at Chance of Rain


It’s all about work…

That’s pretty much my life these days, and will be until June 10th, when we publicly launch connectipedia!  What a loong looong trip it’s been.  Well, not all that long for what we have accomplished.  But sometimes when you are immersed in the details it seems like it’s been going on forever because the time before connectipedia seems remote indeed.

Amy and I are up to our eyeballs in getting every last thing done for the launch.  I’ve been having those wake up in the middle of the night dreams (nightmares) about everything going wrong… just paranoia, i’m sure!!!  I thing everything is pretty much on track at this point.  But there is a ginormous load of stuff to do before then!!  I’m really trying hard not to let it take over my holiday weekend.  So what the hell am I doing blogging about it, then?????

It stops now!

I’m at Chance of Rain, a great little coffee shop a few blocks from our house (one of these worker owned collectives that thrive in this part of town, free wifi, great coffee, mellow attitude, great people, vegan menu items, the smell of patchouili, you know the place.  I’m waiting for Ali and Matteo so we can discuss Free Geek fundraising ideas.

Ric and I were going to hang the quilt thingies at Free Geek today, but it turned out he had to work because he got rained out one day this week.  And anyway, this is one of the very few Saturdays the geek is closed.  For the long holiday weekend.  So we’ll do our hanging next Saturday, and Laurel and I will have another secret building planning meetings while we’re there.

Almost ready for book group tomorrow morning, except for the two chapters I saved to read tonight so it would be more fresh when we discuss tomorrow.  We’re coming to my house after breakfast so we can watch the movie Bonfire of the Vanities because one of the books was the story of making the movie.  That should be fun.  We’ll be watching out for a lot of things!

Okay, Matteo and Ali just arrived, so I’m out!


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