At Cape Disappointment


We’re sitting at our little dining room table in Toaster Moon at Cape Disappointment. Am I disappointed that it’s misty and wet this morning? Not a bit. It’s cozy in where we are.

Our only concern this morning is that Poppi seems to be hurting, kinda like she did before she had surgery for a herniated disk. We have her lying on cushions in front of a window where she can see out. We HOPE it’s not another disk gone bad… but we decided to forgo the romp on the beach this morning in hopes she feels better later. When she hurts, we hurt, we love our little stuffed animal so much.

Pippi is up to her usual verging-on-pancreatitis-diarrhea, we have a knack for this shit…

Ric is happy cuz he is organizin’! He brought his label making machine and is busy making labels for his new tool organizing system in his new truck.

Yeah, he has a new truck. It’s a Sprinter and it is ginormous. It’s at Performance Mobility right now getting the lift installed. We’re using his old truck to tow Toaster Moon on this vacation, but next time we’ll be in the Sprinter (and we do hope it is up to the towing task.)

He’ll be selling his old truck, the sooner the better so he won’t have two truck payments… yay for craigslist!

Somehow I survived the last couple of weeks and now I need some serious R&R. So does Ric… he’ll be 60 this coming Saturday! Wow! That’s fairly amazing. And a few days later, we have our 7th wedding anniversary. This August we’ll have been together for 11 years. Time flies when you’re havin’ fun, I guess.

So we don’t care if it rains this week, cuz we brought the whole first season of The Wire! And a bunch of other movies… and I brought all the New Yorkers and Atlantics I’m so behind on, plus the book group book, plus some sewing, and of course my laptop so I can catch up on my lil ole blog. So rain your heart out. We be ready!


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