The Wire


Okay, it’s official. We are total Wire addicts. Joyce has been telling me for years I should watch it, then Reba and Darcy joined the team and were all over it. I’m late to the party, but I am totally ready to par-tay down now.

And I highly recommend getting it from iTunes… the whole first season for $25.87, less than you can rent it from the places you rent DVDs from.

Quite fucking frankly, it is the most fucking amazing fucking tv show ever fucking made. I fuck you not… (they use this word a lot, so I’m using it way more than ever, can’t seem to get it out of my head)

We watched the last three episodes back to back until midnight last night. Couldn’t stop. I totally fucking love this shit…

Trying to figure out why I find it so appealing. Well, first of all, it must be said that the writing and acting are off the hook. And then there’s this: I am a person that totally hearts ambiguity. I guess because I find so much about life to be that way. This show is all about ambiguity for me. Nobody is totally evil or totally good. What appears to be is usually not. The best intentions very often lead straight to no results. Which is just how it is in real life sometimes.

The characters are complicated, you can find something to love and loathe in almost everyone.

And god does my heart ache for the life we offer up to those coming up in neighborhoods like this. How on earth anyone can survive and succeed against these odds is beyond the pale.

And I find myself having a really hard time not believing those who suggest that drugs are a conspiracy to take out neighborhoods and people so they won’t be much trouble outside the hood. I think the whole war on drugs things is totally fucked up, and if we wanted to make drugs not a problem, we could and would do just that. It’s all about following the money. Way too many people in positions of power are benefitting from the drug culture.

Kind of like the war machine. Follow the money IS what it’s all about.


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