all cluttered up…


I’m feeling cluttered. I’m feeling surrounded by clutter. Perhaps that’s because I am. My office is cluttered. My bedroom is cluttered. Too much stuff. Gives me a claustrophobic feeling worse than just about anything.

If that weren’t enough, I am surrounded by many unfinished tasks rearing their ugly little beaks and reminding me how inadequate I am.

This is what happens when you devote too much attention around the clock to a project at work and almost immediately leave on a week’s vacation. My home and yard are now punishing me for neglecting them. And did I mention I’m way behind on my blog?

I need a good solid two days to do some cleaning and decluttering and finishing stuff. The kind of days where you dive in and don’t even come up for air til you are done.

Wonder how I’m going to pull that off?


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