Our ever growing e-stable or should i say iStable


Okay, it’s getting ridiculous… Our house is getting way over-hyper-connected. Let’s tally up the electronics for three people:

Three iPhones, three macbooks of varying ages and strengths, four imacs (two newer, two older), at least four external hard drives, four bose systems (one will be departing soon), three ipods, okay, i am really getting embarrassed here. No wonder Apple stock is up!

Then there’s the Sony bravia with the blu-ray (and one of the boses is attached). So today Ric comes home with AppleTV. Guess we just didn’t have enough shit yet.

I blame it on The Wire. We watched the first season on his macbook hooked up to the Specktone in the Airstream. Nice, but no bravia. Future seasons will be in full surround sound and HD all the way. Like being there on the couch in the yard at the low rise.

And just to check out the AppleTV, we downloaded the first episode of Flight of the Conchord. Awesome, awesome, awesome…. great humor, fantabulous music. How did I not know about this?? Oh, that’s right. We don’t have HBO. Which is unbelievable considering how much we pay for cable each month.

I live with two guys who like every sports option known to humankind. And every time the cable company calls offering a new option, they sign right up. I am never home when they call to intervene, of course. (I think nobody really believed me when I reported these things until the time when Joyce and Tom were over and Ric was on the phone with Comcast and they heard him say out loud, “Well, if it’s an upgrade, we want it!”)

So we have a shitload of cable channels, but like the Boss says, usually nothing to watch. So I guess this is better: we buy what we want from HBO but don’t have to pay for the other stuff.

But this is it! I’m declaring a moratorium on any new gadgets for the rest of the year… we’ll see how it goes and where we are at 6 p.m. on July 11th.


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