Yet another basement purge, only this time we mean it!


So we had a little water disaster (one of the timers on Ric’s faucet system broke) and water poured into our basement for several hours before we discovered it. Which means stuff got wet. Especially rugs on the floor. (And what, you might ask, were we thinking when we put rugs on a basement floor?! I doubt they will return.)

So I have been feeling really oppressed by the basement, increasingly so over the past year as more and more stuff just got piled up in there. And even though I did a major purge of my stuff last winter, there’s still way too much stuff. So this time I’m establishing VERY strict zones. And enforcing them. Eliminating stuff we don’t use…. we’ll see who the REAL packrat in the family is….

Blaine and I are even going through all our CDs (> 600) and importing the songs we want into iTunes. Wonder how long before I need to purge my iTunes library?

We’re using several methods of reduction: free geek as possible of course, craigslist, freecycle, put it out on the curb with a “free” sign on it (the exercise machine is already gone via that route), goodwill, etc.

Anybody need anything? We prolly have it!

I expect to feel lots better soon.


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