A day at the state fair


So we made it to the Oregon State Fair! Ate too much, laughed a lot, snuggled with my hubby on the midway, ate more, remembered what kettle corn and hot lard smells like, stepped and wheeled around the animal poop, noticed how much bigger the ridiculously ugly stuffed animals you can win are now, ached in the feet…came home exhausted and fell into bed.

First off, we were directed to the “pink” parking lot for disabled access parking. We went where everyone pointed us to go, and found great parking even though it was quite a walk/wheel from the gate, looked everywhere for “pink” but never found any? Still wondering where’s the pink?

Ric had to go back to the van to get some tums (we knew what we would be eating!), so Blaine and I wandered up to the ticket booth to wait for him. A very nice man wearing an official apron saw us, came over, said he likes to do nice things for deserving people, and gave us two free tickets. Oh, yeah, that’s right! We forgot! A mom and a son in a wheelchair elicits sympathy and generosity of spirit in people! We used to get a lot more of this before we had Ric. I think when people think we are on our own in the world, they assume we need help and reach out to us. It’s simultaneously touching and puzzling. But when we have a man along, they must figure he takes care of everything and just let us pay our own way.

Very interesting, don’t you think?! We could tell you stories!

Okay, Marie, enough of the speculation binging. Back to the state fair! Here’s what we saw:

The usual servings of cheezy cheese:

Wait! Did that say Fry Brick?!? What the heck is a fry brick? Blaine found out! The fry brick before:

And the fry brick after:

We also saw lots of the usual suspects, like jams and jellies:

and chickens:

and some big fruits and vegetables:

But there were some more unusual categories, too. Say, for example, duct tape construction:

And we can’t say enough about the vegetable petting zoo:

I really liked the pigs, but it was hard to get a good shot of one cuz they were so big and fat and their pens were so little. But there was one pig that was rather easy to photograph, right next to the booth selling pulled pork sandwiches:

Couldn’t resist taking a photo of the grand prize winning cake. I think they may have been playing to the judges, though:

Another highlight was the fleece throw Blaine won at the Oregon Fryer booth for dancing along to the song YMCA! Too bad it’s in Beaver colors, huh Blaine?

We’re not totally sure when we last attended the state fair, but it’s been at least a dozen years! It was time to go back, that’s for sure!

My parting thoughts: Okay Oregon people, it’s time to step up to the plate! There were good entries in most of the categories we saw, but we can do better! Especially in the non-animal competitions! Where are all the DIY crafters and makers I see at all sorts of venues in Portland? Why isn’t that movement represented at the State Fair? Time to bring those peeps together with the more traditional participants, I’m thinking! Let’s git er dun!


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  1. Great trip through the Fair. We missed it–both working too hard (in order to be able to go back to Idaho, leaving tomorrow), so we missed it. But the perfect way to spend a beautiful day in August. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Yeah, I know. It was the 156th spam posting that sent me over the edge. For some reason, the insurance companies are all over this blog, vomiting out the spam as fast as they can.

  3. Tell Blaine ‘good job’ on the MONSTER fry brick… What a riot! Looks like he ate at least 3 potatoes… :o)

  4. Hmmm? Well, I think that will hold me for a few years. Don’t care to see that fry brick anytime soon. 😉

  5. Ok so what I was really blown away about is this looks and sounds just like the Arizona fair.

    Same animals (dead and alive)
    Same Chickens (I know that one on the end has played here)
    I know I ate that brick before

    The Vegetable Petting Zoo was the only thing that we do different, here its called a Cactus Petting Zoo and it isn’t very popular.

    Go figure.