So far behind, starting with an end of summer concert


As of today, it’s been more than a month since I added a new post. WHAT is wrong with me?!? Is my life that empty of things worth blogging about? Or am I just incredibly lazy? Or do I have too many things on my plate? All of the above?

So I’m going to make a plan to make a plan about making a blogging plan. First meeting will be scheduled soon. 🙂

So I’ll start with the most recent part first: Last Saturday evening was stunningly beautiful and we spent it under the stars at a My Morning Jacket concert at Edgefield just outside Portland. MMJ is truly a great band, and puts on a very energetic and powerful show. Really great music. Their sound is unique, but I swear I can hear elements of Beck, Prince, Pink Floyd, Iron Butterfly, heavy metal, funk, indie rock, the list goes on and on.

The evening was not without its little adventures, of course. We were directed to park in a grassy field east of the venue (disabled parking was in the first row of the field), so that’s what we did. When Blaine got out of the truck, we found the ground so uneven he was hard pressed to motate. Made it to an asphalt driveway, then back on grassy field, then encountered a rather steep grassy knoll. He barely made it over that, in fact Ric had to rescue him when he almost went down.

Ric saves the day as Blaine almost takes a dive from the grassy knoll

Ric saves the day as Blaine almost takes a dive from the grassy knoll

I asked everyone we saw wearing an event polo shirt if this truly was where people in wheelchairs accessed the venue. They all said yes, then we ran in to a guy with a little more clout (you could tell because he had the polo shirt PLUS a flashlight), who admitted it was a little gnarly. By this time we were back on a gravel path, and had to go further than anyone else because we had to enter the amphitheater from the far side? Go figure? None of this was making any sense, but by then we were so grateful that Blaine was still upright and didn’t have a flat tire, we stopped asking questions. When we got to the disabled entrance, we noticed that there was a sign that said ADA parking mere feet from that entrance. That’s where we were supposed to have parked! An adventure in vain, except it gave me something to blog about. Ric moved the truck there so we wouldn’t have to repeat our journey over hill and dale, only this time in pitch black darkness.

So we entered the disabled seating area, and stayed there long enough to realize it felt like we were at the zoo, only we were the ones inside the cage! So we moved outside the cage, where we could see better anyway.

Outside the cage felt better than inside

Outside the cage felt better than inside

Not that we could see all that well, but that’s not really the point of an outdoor concert is it? It was such a beautiful evening, not too warm, not too cool, stars above, communing with 6,000 other people of a like mind, more than 2-1/2 hours of energetic awesome MMJ without a break, the inevitable floating fragrance of bud, kind of a great way to bid adieu to summer.


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