Puppy love


Everybody who knows us knows how much we love our puppies. We express our love in a number of ways. Cesar Millan would definitely not approve of how much we treat our dogs like humans. But we just can’t help it. Or at least I can’t.

So, as we prepare to spend yet more hundreds and hundreds of dollars on Pippi’s second bladder stone removal surgery (the first was two years ago), and take Poppi in to see if she needs more neurosurgery because of the weird way she is walking and holding her tail (after spending thousands of dollars on her herniated disk last year), we are thinking a lot about how much we love our puppies and all the ways they enrich our lives. (Funny choice of words, don’t you think, when you count up all the dollars we’ve put out!)

This month they have been selected as their groomer’s first ever pet of the month. Which makes them poster puppies, kinda. Check out their supreme adorableness on her website.


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