Best. Waitress. Ever. (Breakfast too!)


On a recent trip out of town, we had an awesome dining experience.

great food inside a beautiful ornate old railcar

Frank's Diner: great food inside a beautiful ornate old railcar

First, some background. When she found out I was headed to Spokane, a terrific co-worker said we should be sure and eat breakfast at a diner that was in an old railcar somewhere on the outskirts of Spokane.

I have to admit I wasn’t altogether hopeful about locating it, partly because there wouldn’t be much spare time outside the conference I was attending and partly because I figured Spokane’s outskirts might be rather large.

But sometimes the magic happens. When Ric and I missed the correct freeway exit and took the next one so we could work our way back to the hotel, after navigating a couple of streets I looked up and smack straight ahead of us was an old railcar!!! And it had a diner in it!! The whole thing is arranged and decorated to make you feel you are actually riding on a train. Imagine our delight!

So we pulled right into the parking lot. What an awesomesauce dining experience! That was in the evening, so we had dinner. And came back the next morning for breakfast.

So here’s the scoop: Frank’s Diner has been voted Best Breakfast in Seattle 11 years and counting. According to the website, they “shop daily to find the largest and freshest eggs, super extra thick bacon and time proven recipes. At each Frank’s we crack 15,000 eggs and grill 2.5 tons of hashbrowns per month…”

Apparently the railcar used to be a restaurant in Seattle, but things didn’t work out so eventually it was moved here.

And yum-mee. The food was just totally wonderful. I had the FRANK’S BREAKFAST COMBO: Two eggs, eight dollar size cakes, three bacon strips or two jumbo links, with hash browns and toast. Huge, quite Frankly! Ric had the BOXCAR STEAK & EGGS: Breakfast sized top sirloin with two jumbo fresh eggs, hash browns and toast.

There was so much food, in fact, that we boxed up the leftovers for lunch, but since we weren’t hungry again until the evening, we ate them for dinner.

Even though it may well have been the best breakfast we’ve ever eaten, it wasn’t even the best part. The best part would be Gage. The. Best. Waitress. Ever. Srsly. Here she is, bringing us our food.

Gage brings us our breakfast.

Gage brings us our breakfast.

I actually told her she was the best I had ever seen, and she seemed genuinely surprised to hear it?? If you can read her nametag, you’ll see she’s been at it for more than 17 years. She was just totally perfect. Should be in a movie. Maybe she is. Maybe the whole thing was a movie, it was so heavenly.

Gage.  Best. Waitress. Ever.

Gage. Best. Waitress. Ever.

So when you go to Spokane, and now I trust you will, please go to Frank’s Diner and tell Gage she is still the best waitress you ever had.


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