Do you call this technical support?


So I wanted to do a simple thing, change my credit card on my .mac account, which is now a mobileme account.  The original card expired, then the replacement card was stolen, and replaced again.  I knew my account was going to be expiring in a month or so, so wanted to make sure there was a valid card on file.  I couldn’t find a place to change my credit card after looking for about 30 minutes on the mobileme/apple/etc. webmaze, so I clicked to chat with a technical support rep.  

Here’s what happened:

  • You are chatting with Alfred C., a MobileMe Support Representative
  • Hi, my name is Alfred C. Welcome to Apple!
  • Alfred C: Hello Marie I see that you would like to change the credit card information correct?
  • marie deatherage: right. i can’t find where to do it, my old card expired
  • Alfred C: Okay I currently show that you are in the extension period but when you are in the extension period you are not able to change the information until the end of the contract on December 28.
  • marie deatherage: so how do it keep it from expiring? what if i don’t remember to do it on dec. 28th?
  • Alfred C: Try to remind your self because if you do not do it on the 28th it will expire then you will have to renew the account again but the longer you hold off on renewing the higher chance that the data will not be able to be recovered.
  • marie deatherage: well, if you don’t mind my saying so, that is one ridiculous system. this can’t be the way apple does business
  • marie deatherage: can i speak to someone in a supervisory role?
  • Alfred C: It is only because you are in the extension period sorry.
    If you would like to renew it today I would have to cancel the account then you can change the card information and renew.
  • marie deatherage: can i speak to someone in a supervisory role please
  • Alfred C: Sure what is can I please let them know what it is regarding?
  • marie deatherage: it is regarding what we are talking about here. what a question?!
  • Alfred C: Because I tried explaining the reason for the issue so not sure what you were going to ask them.
  • Alfred C: One minute
  • marie deatherage: Hello? It’s been more than one minute?
  • Alfred C: Still trying to get some one for you thanks for your patience it may take more than one minute
  • Alfred C: Thanks
  • Please wait while I transfer the chat to Kirk.
  • Hi, my name is Kirk. Welcome to Apple!
  • Kirk: Hello Marie
  • marie deatherage: hi
  • Kirk: I understand that you are trying to change your Credit Card on your account, is that correct?
  • marie deatherage: yes. my credit card was stolen. i want to change it so when my account is up it can renew with a credit card that works. Alfred C told me I can only give a new number on Dec. 28th and not before, but since my account expires on Dec. 28th if I forget to do it right at that moment, it will be closed. This is just ridiculous, and I can’t believe Apple would operate in such a manner. Please tell me you don’t have such a ridiculous policy.
  • Kirk: The issue is occurring because you are in the extension period that we added to some members accounts.
  • Kirk: What we can do is, cancel your account right now and then you can reactivate your account with the correct card and I can add the remaining days of the extension back on to your account
  • marie deatherage: That’s ridiculous! Why would you decide to do this in such a crazy manner? I don’t want to cancel my account, I know what kind of havoc that can wreak. Are you seriously saying Apple doesn’t let customers replace stolen credit card numbers at any time? Do I need to ask Steve Jobs if this makes sense to him???
  • Kirk: This is only happening with some accounts. Please log into:
  • Kirk:
  • Kirk: After you have logged in, on the left you should see Billing Info. Please click Billing Info for me
  • marie deatherage: it shouldn’t be happening to any customers!
  • marie deatherage: okay, done, now what?
  • Kirk: You should be able to change your credit card information there. Please try and let me know what happens
  • marie deatherage: okay, done, now what?
  • Kirk: The credit card information has been changed
  • Kirk: It will renew using that new credit card
  • marie deatherage: great. so why didn’t alfred c. tell me how to do it in the first place, why all the runaround?
  • Kirk: I am not sure
  • Kirk: Some people are unable to change the credit card information and we are trying to resolve that issue. He must have thought you were one of those people
  • marie deatherage: well, please tell him not to say that to any other customer. and please don’t repeat it to another customer like you did at first. we will think apple is losing its way.
  • marie deatherage: i started the convo by asking him how to locate that credit card info in billing. that’s when he told me i couldn’t. can you see how this sounds to customers??
  • Kirk: Yes, I understand
  • Kirk: I would like to apologize for that
  • marie deatherage: and it won’t happen again, i plead?
  •   Kirk: It should not happen again. I will let him know and our other agents know just to make sure
  • marie deatherage: Thank you, that makes me happy and I bet it makes Steve Jobs happy. I have a feeling he would throw a fit if he heard this was happening and customers were being told they have to remember to renew on a single day or their account would be cancelled
  •   Kirk: Yes, that is something that does need to be addressed so this confusion doesn’t happen again.
  • marie deatherage: I agree. Promise me you will see to it, okay?
  • Kirk: I will. I am writing it up as we speak
  • marie deatherage: Thank you! You da man!
  • marie deatherage: I will help! I will blog about it!
  • Kirk: You’re welcome. I am glad I could help
  • Kirk: I hope you have a wonderful day Marie.
  • Kirk: Was there anything else I could help you with?
  • marie deatherage: no, you solved all my ills in one fell swoop! have a great day yourself!

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3 responses

  1. My experience with applecare support a month ago was a 2-day affair of horrors. What ended up being a mouse problem was solved by rebuilding my machine and losing all of my addresses, web files and application support files. And calendar for the year. Horrors of horrors of horrors.

  2. Try not to be too hard on them. I know it can be frustrating. It sounded like Alfred was new and they also had a kink in the system. If you care to try the PC side of the world, you’ll end up slitting your wrists. I’m forced to use them at the office and the PC world is riddled with unnecessary complications beyond belief. Why? On the PC side, there are millions of vendors and no controls over any of it. Anyone can write whatever software they want. Apple has strict guidelines. As a developer, you can’t play unless you agree to cooperate with all the rules 100%. This is one of the reasons you can purchase an Apple product, bring it home and it just works. I’ve had a few difficulties with all tech support, but overall, I agree with Consumer Reports that they’re consistently the best. I hope next time is better.