A little detective work…


So Blaine and I went on a little adventure today. We really really want the man pictured in my last post to get his camera back.  So we went out looking for the intersection in the photo.

No, we haven’t found it yet, but we noticed a lot of things.lost-camera-guy

First, there is a red barn-like structure right next to the street in the background of the photo.  Very distinctive shape and color!  Should be a great clue!

There is a TriMet bus shelter on the side of the street where the man is standing.  And there is an Oregonian box right next to the shelter.

The streetlights are on poles that reach out over the street rather than being hung by wires. Because there are three lights on each pole, it appears that this is a four lane street with a turn lane in the middle, hence the three lights in each direction.  The streetlight poles are kind of a beige-brown color.

There is also a streetlamp that is attached to an electric pole.  The electric pole is rather lighter colored, suggesting that it is relatively new.  It is on the opposite side of the street from the telephone pole, which also carries the cable wire.

There appear to be residences on this street, even though it is a very major street.  It doesn’t appear to be very densely built, the structures are single story.

There are quite a few fir trees visible in the background…

The building the man is standing on has a substantial wooden structure on the porch that is raised above ground level.  It appears to have a satellite dish sticking out from right behind his head.

We began our search in the area of SE 65th and Foster, because we knew he had been seen there.  But most of the light poles in that part of Portland are of an older style.  There aren’t all that many streets that are five lanes wide…

Wondering if we could get a map of all Trimet bus shelters, all Oregonian boxes, all five lane streets with intersections with new style light poles? 

We drove through much of southeast Portland but didn’t find it…

Because it has a number of new elements, we wonder if it might be some place on the west side, where we rarely venture?  

Any ideas, suggestions?  Please keep your eyes open and let us know… we welcome any ideas or thoughts. 

We are so determined to help this guy get his camera back!


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