The only three rules you really need to know


Okay, so we’re all pretty much in deep shit these days are we not? It’s all around us. And there’s an ever-growing chorus of reminders that we all need to simplify, decompress, focus-on-what-matters in our time of need, am I right?  Actually, we’ve been in a “simplify your life” frame of mind for more than a decade. Wonder why we haven’t all gone all simple yet? Especially given the simplify your life, slow down, making your life mean more books and DVDs out there… I’ve heard there are even “simplify your life” seminars people pay money to attend for weeks on end. There’s a simplicity movement, for crap’s sake.

I think I know why. If learning simplicity requires reading a whole book or watching a whole DVD or attending classes (some for several weeks!), it ain’t simple! Simple means no more than three steps, tops. 

So I’ve designed a curriculum for achieving a more simple and meaningful life in less than five minutes.  Way less.  Seriously.  And I’m offering it to the world for free (even though it’s worth more than you can afford!)

Here is the true enlightened path to a new life, a new you, a new earth, and a new insight…

Just follow these three simple as shit rules:


1.  Do less shit.



2.  Get rid of shit.



3. Don’t buy any more shit.


Got that? Now go out and practice it.  Starting now.  No shit. I’m serious.  When your new life is in place, you can come back here and leave testimonials about how this advice saved your life and shit…


6 responses

  1. OMG! I thought my wife and I were the only ones who knew the secret.

    I’m Karissa’s dad, and I love your blog; it’s a hoot.

  2. Thank you guys! Your comments rock!

    Hi Karissa’s dad! You have an awesome daughter, totally LOVE her!

  3. YES! Thank you for articulating the rules I try to live by. Let’s propagate. I’m going to add it to my favorite quotes, putting Marie D. right up there in the pantheon with Walt Whitman and Emiliano Zapata.