My new quilts


They’re finally ready for show and tell.  Four of them. Seriously. I have four finished quilts in my possession.  Unreal!

Here they are:


This pattern is called Attic Windows. I spent a very long time (and even more coin) collecting fabrics for this little project.  The idea is this: there are four-pane windows all across the quilt.  Each four-pane window has a view with a theme… See if you can make out where the windows are, how many there are, and what the theme of each is.


This is the One Block Wonder I described making in an earlier post, but now all quilted with binding!


I don’t know what to call this one.  It was mainly an excuse to buy a bunch of Kaffe Fassett fabric, with a little Jane Sassaman thrown in.  I do love me some bright colors!  This is one of those easy going quilts that you pretty much make up as you go along… It goes pretty fast and is a lot of fun.


And here is the Stack & Whack I made when my mom showed me the technique.  It’s finally quilted and has binding.  Ready for a new home, I think!

It felt so good to get these finished, some of them started their lives several years ago.  I’m trying not to get this far behind ever again.


4 responses

  1. Beautiful! Like Phoebe, I find Attic Windows mesmerizing! I love the unnamed Kaffe Fassett quilt as well. Can you post closeups? I would love to see the detail in these.

  2. I have now finally figured out how to use the camera I bought to take better photos, and will do so soon!! Thanks for your wonderful comments!