Three girls on the Willamette


Me, my mom, sister Sarah


My mom just turned 80!  My brothers and sister and their families met up on the bank of the Willamette River in Eugene for lunch and cake to celebrate. I gave my mom the quilt she taught me how to make as a tribute to her.  There’s a picture of her opening it below.


That's son Blaine on the right and sister-in-law Tammie in back.

And then my new camera ran out of memory (pretty sneaky the way the card that comes with the camera has essentially no room on it!)  So I have no more illustrations…


But it was so awesome to celebrate the day with my mom and that she has made it to 80! She had surgery for colon cancer when she was 47, so for a while I worried that I wouldn’t have a mom left when I reached my present age.  So glad she made it!  She is not without health challenges, but she is awesome and not a day goes by without her adding stitches to another quilt. They are works of art!

Happy Birthday MOM!  And many more….


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