Help Beth Kanter celebrate turning 53!


Beth Kanter in her most common pose: sharing knowledge with others

Today is Beth Kanter’s 53rd birthday!

Why should you care?

Because Beth is, flat out, the real deal. As I am heard to say whenever I open my mouth in a nonprofit setting, “If your organization does only one thing to make itself better, subscribe to Beth’s Blog. She shares everything she knows, and she knows everything!”

Seriously, she is the nonprofit social media brain. And she’s the most generous professional in that space I’ve ever known. She learns in order to share. She’s a living example of why sharing knowledge works so much better than hoarding it.

Beth came to Portland a couple of years ago to present at Meyer Memorial Trust‘s social media workshop, so a bunch of us (including Amy Sample Ward) got to hang with her for a couple of days. I learned a lot of content from her, but the most important thing I learned was this:  the old dictum that knowledge is power is not enough; it’s actually SHARING knowledge that gives it power.

The other most critical lesson I learned: Listening is even more important than sharing. If we don’t listen, we have nothing to share.

In honor of Beth’s birthday, I am making a donation to Beth’s favorite cause – helping children in Cambodia further their education. She’s using the occasion of her birthday to raise enough money to send 53 kids in Cambodia to school!

I want to help make this happen and I bet you do too! Do it in the name of sharing! Go here now!


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