Quiltlandia: Share the Rack


The name, of course, is a play on Share the Road, a bumper sticker frequently on display in Portlandia, where bikes pretty much rule.

There is a sorta interesting backstory about this bike shelter. The Hawthorne Bridge was closed for repairs for a seriously lllloooooonnnnnngggggg time a few years ago, seems to me it was closed for a year and a half or maybe even two years. Soon after we got our bridge back, however, a movie crew took it over for a few months to film a number of scenes from the movie The Hunted. Our patience had worn very thin so there were a number of complaints from the Portland citizenry. To placate the public, the movie company promised to build a covered bike shelter on Hawthorne Blvd. as a kind of “thank you” gift.

This is that very bike rack.

I used several prints from the periwinkle blue and green Pretty Bird fabric from Michael Miller. I think this would look especially fine on a tweenager’s bed.

Share the Rack: Quilts AND Bikes


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  2. I had to giggle when I read your post as I saw the bike first and then your quilt. Love both the quilt and the bike behind it. They match perfectly!