CKC #2: When pandemonium strikes, go straight to panda


So late this afternoon, Ric and I had to meet the kitchen cabinet design guy and make a whole lot of final detail decisions. Like what kind of wood, what kind of stain or paint or finish, bevel or straight outside door panel, drawer pulls or handles, and so forth and so on and on. Then on to countertops, after he had priced all the ones I picked out at Pental. Then we even looked at the appliances at the adjoining appliance place and made choices we’ll have to pass on to our contractor.

Neither Ric nor I are good shoppers. We don’t like to dally and draw out the process. We are decisive! You like this? Okay, good. Done. Move on. We are both so much this way we’ve probably paid more for stuff than people who do endless research and discuss options for months and keep going back and forth, second guessing their decisions even after everything is home and in its place. But that would drive us both crazy, so we just move in, cut to the chase, git er done and take no prisoners.

I’m sure there are deep psychological reasons we both turned out this way (both eldest child, bossy-pants amongst our siblings, bored easily, etc.)

But I digress. The topic here is food, right?

Well, after power-deciding through this meeting, it was late, we were starving, approaching exhaustion, you know how your brain goes all pandemonium on you when you have low blood sugar and are dehydrated, running on adrenalin, needing to get home to check on your sick son, with unfinished work items still whirling in and around your grey matter because you had to leave the office early and just know you forgot something. I know you know what I’m talking about.

When that chaotic state is reached, what do you do? Do you research all your options, consult your awesome notes list of cheap eats, determine what the healthiest locally grown food available? Hell to the no. You reach for the closest fastest solution that will make your blood sugar sky.

Which is how I ended up at Panda. And got some of the carbiest things on the menu. I’m talking orange chicken, people. Honey shrimp. Something very beefy for Ric. Because it was comforting.

And, yes, this is why America is fat. This is how we roll. We create stressful lives for ourselves, then we cope with that stress by comforting and calming ourselves with carbs. Like Yogi said, obesity is 90% mental, the other half is physical. Or something like that.

And tomorrow we will have leftovers. Then we’ll hop back on the wagon. And this time I really mean it.


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  1. I think you are more patient with the research part tho sweet. I know you wouldn’t pick anything without having done quite a bit of consideration. You’re just fast at it cuz your mind is mensian.

  2. It is wonderful to watch the way you two interact Marie, I have been Ric’s friend for years and am so happy he found you. You both give me inspiration that there is hope for good relationships out there. I am sure from what I have read about you, and from reading things that you have written that we would have been fast friends, Marie! I sort of feel as if i know you and love to read your writtings when i get the change! Thanks for sharing! All my admiration! another M

    • That is the best compliment, Mara! Thank you so much. Yes, there is hope, but patience is required. You should see all the failures that came before. Well, no, you shouldn’t. Friendship is such a precious thing, it worries me that my life hardly has time to squeeze it in now. But I have hope for the future… 🙂 thanks so much for your kind comment.

  3. I think your my Twin. Be sure to add some time to the project. It always is needed..

    • The thought that I might have a twin is very comforting, and probably pretty terrifying for some to contemplate. 🙂 And yes, in my past remodeling experiences, I’ve pretty much observed that it takes twice as long as they say and costs twice as much. Has it increased since then?

      Thank you for commenting!

  4. Know exactly what you mean. My hubby and I are snap decision-makers too. Life is too short to worry over things like drawer pulls. I’m planning a trip to Europe, and I bought a whole bag of fun size M&Ms for when I become a cranky yankee. I figure it’s better than showing off my ugly American side. When I open my mouth to say something rude, I’ll just stuff M&M’s in it instead. Problem solved. Best American foot forward. Oh yes, and I got a pedicure too.

    • I love that solution and am adopting it immediately! When are you going? I long to travel, but it’s hard for us. So maybe you will blog your trip so we can tag along? Thanks for jumping in!