CKC #4: Strawberries are here! Strawberries are here!!


Okay, tonight illustrates why we live at location, location, location! Do you know that we live within easy walking distance to a whole boatload of awesome eateries? We are within a 10-minute walk of very decent Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Middle Eastern, pizza, and a nearly endless variation of Northwest cuisine and other American flavors. And that’s not counting the food cart scene at Cartopia. We are on the surfeit end of the culinary spectrum here in inner Hawthorne.

So it was a hop and skip without even a jump to get tonight’s meal at Grand Central Bakery. I had my usual turkey chutney sandwich because I was too tired and lazy to look at the menu because if I had I would have ordered the shrimp roll seasonal special goddammittohell, Blaine had grilled cheese and Ric forgot he’s not overly fond of their grinder, which he ordered and then remembered goddammittohell. Which is too bad because he likes everything else.

But tonight’s real headline is this: Kruger’s Farm Market next door to Grand Central has THE FIRST OREGON STRAWBERRIES OF THE SEASON! They are not nearly at their peak performance, but they taste so much more like real strawberries. It’s like watching the trailer of a really awesome movie that opens in a couple of weeks that will be like the most amazing thing you ever experienced so you wonder if you should be getting in line already.

The Oregon strawberry season exists to teach us life lesson:  we need to savor every morsel because time flies and opportunities are lost if we don’t seize the day and live in the moment so we better catch it while we can because we will turn our back and it will be gone in the blink of an eye. Oregon strawberry season is worth intercontinental travel and I am not even kidding. Even if you don’t plan to take the Portlandia tour, you really might want to come visit Oregon just to experience our strawberries.

Yes, you actually have to come here to eat them because they are rather delicate and fragile so they don’t travel well and their shelf life is very short, not just because people grab them as soon as they arrive on the shelf.

So our meal was topped off with fresh berries. A very happy ending. And a preview of coming attractions.

Oregon strawberries

Fresh Oregon strawberries


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  1. Thanks for the reminder. Time to get down the jars, check for sugar and pectin and call Albeke Farms so I can pick up a couple of crates for jam, Sooooo much better than store bought.