CKC #5: Fire on the Mountain but not on the sandwiches

posing at anchor bar in buffalo

Marie & Ric at Anchor Bar in Buffalo NY

Meal 5 was from Fire on the Mountain, the one on Burnside. This is one of those places we’ve always said, “We need to go there” but somehow never do. We decided on takeout because Blaine is still under the weather (that’s a nasty cough lingering) and I’m trying valiantly to fight it off, using all my immune boosting helpers. Please cross your fingers and toes. It pays tribute to Frank and Teressa’s Anchor Bar in Buffalo (we actually visited the place in 1997) and claims to be Portland’s original Buffalo Wing restaurant “committed to serving you the best wings this side of the divide.”

This eatery is very Portlandia. All its food and paper wastes are diverted to a composting facility. All straws, utensil, plastic bags and portion cups are made from biodegradable corn or potato starch, clamshells are made from bamboo fiber which is renewable, sustainable and compostable. All other paper products are made with 100% recycled materials. No trees are ever cut to make tissues, napkins and towels.

Fryer oil is transfat free and is donated to a local biodiesel co-0p after use. And, of course, they purchase local organic produce when in season and use all natural Piedmontese beef in the burgers. Chickens are raised by a cooperative of sustainable family farms, where they range free and are never given food laced with antibiotics or hormones.

Fire on the Mountain sign

The Burnside Fire on the Mountain sign

It’s a good thing we ordered takeout because the place was packed, Ric reported a very bustling and family vibe. He had a burger, which he loved, it was served on a brioche bun, I had the G.W.Carver sandwich, which featured chicken (her name was Esther and she was happy til the end of her days), peanut sauce, asian slaw and wasabi mayo. Very good. Blaine had Sam and Ben’s Sweet BBQ chicken sandwich.

Happy to say most of the fire was on the mountain so not too much on the sandwiches. Wonder if we are they first people not to order wings. Kinda weird. Like going to a seafood palace and ordering chicken fried steak. But at least it was takeout so nobody looked askance at us while we ate.


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