CKC #7: Circling the Arctic


Prineville’s Arctic Circle

Four hours after leaving Portland, we are getting gas in Madras. It took us a while to navigate all the ups and downs across the plateau, but we are now in sagebrush country. Where it is raining.

Another twenty-some miles to Prineville… it’s late enough that we’re not going to want to fix dinner after we get all set up, so we decide to grab something to eat in Prineville. That’s when we saw the Arctic Circle. I didn’t know these still existed. Remember their fry sauce?? Ever so much better than ketchup.

So we circled the block and found a place to park Toaster Moon. We ordered burgers, which signs proclaimed to be 100% beef, and not just any beef. Black angus beef. Ric proclaimed it the best burger he’d ever eaten in his life, but here’s the thing about Ric. He has the hyperbole gene. He is apt to declare whatever he is eating/doing at a particular moment to be the best ever experience of his life. When I point this out to him, that he is the single most way over the top prone to hyperbole person I have ever met in my entire life bar none, he gets the joke.

Anyway, I let him believe it is the best burger he has ever ingested, and I too noticed that the meat was different because… well, I guess because it tasted so beefy, which was, um, actually kind of distracting. As far as burgers go, I usually am more about the condiments, the actual meat is a kind of afterthought. But in this burger, it was all up in your face. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, it’s just different.

What is the name of the color that fry sauce is?

And yes, we put fry sauce on everything, even the fries. Do you remember its unknown-to-nature hue?

Ric mostly got the trailer set up before an honest to goodness squall hit… rain and wind to beat the band. But just as I promised, we were all toasty all up in Toaster Moon.


4 responses

  1. Your diarrhea is pink? I’d be concerned and want to get to the bottom of it.

  2. I worked at Arctic Circle when I was a kid and it’s the color of ketchup and mayonnaise blended. At least that’s how we made it at the Woodstock Arctic. Special sauce indeed.

  3. I did not know they existed either …..what fun …….so many changes that it is nice to see something like that still around. 🙂 Enjoy yourselves ……Kay