CKC #8: A healing meal


Well, Toaster Moon has had a few issues. Last night as we were drifting off to sleep, we heard something like a wet explosion followed by the sound of … well, sorta like Niagara Falls. With a healthy stream of water spraying out of the shower area. Hero Ric climbed out of bed, put his clothes and shoes back on and went out to turn off the water at the source. Then dove into the shower and discovered that a hose clamp (or was it a clothes hamp?) had come loose… so he reattached it but to err on the side of caution, we left the water off the rest of the night.

Summer soft fruit salad. Yum.

When we tried it out again today, we had a rerun of the night before, so we drove into town and bought a new one (and a spare just in case). And oh by the way, the Ace Hardware store in Prineville is super awesome, not only do they have almost everything ever invented in the way of ware that is hard, they even had baking soda! But the best part was the personal shopper that took us to every part of the store to locate the exact item we needed on our list. Except socks and worms. Ric is planning on fishing tomorrow because it’s supposed to be 66 degrees.

But back to food.

Tonight, an honest to goodness home cooked meal in Toaster Moon. Thai peanut chicken skewers from New Seasons Market, wondrous fruit salad of blueberries, red grapes, bing cherries, nectarine and champagne mango. I love fresh fruit and can hardly resist anything in this genre. Can you spell a-n-t-i-d-o-x-i-c-a-n-t-s?  And a random black bean salad because I didn’t have a better idea.

And oh yes, I am trying my hand at making mojitos. We drove to a place where I was able to get Edge just strong and long enough to quickly jot down a recipe from the web. Didn’t have any ice, but put extra club soda and by george, I think I’ve got it. Not as good as Andina’s, that’s for sure, but totally fine for roughing it.

Maybe it’s the mojito talking but I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER TODAY! I declare victory over this menace that took both Ric and Blaine down for more than a week. I genuflect at the altar of oscillococcinum. That shit works! On me anyway! Yeah, yeah, I know, skeptics say it doesn’t. So they shouldn’t take it.


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  1. This brings back memories …..when we bought our 17ft used trailer ..all was suppposed to be fixed in it ..our friends that own the RV shop put on a used aircondtioner …Our first trip in our adventures …the van airconditioner went out ..had just had it worked on and the trailer aircondtioner no longer worked ….Fortuntely in Portland our son had friend that works on these things and he came over the airconditioner workiing on the trailer but not the van . We had planned quite a long trip …every where we camped ws the hottest it had been and yellowstone had never been so hot ……a trip to remember ……..we could not get parking in the electricl part of the camp ground so could not use our air conditoner ..inspite ofe it all we did have good time ……….Glad Rikk is handy …Don is also …… and that helps when there are thins that go wrong ……he is not a cooling epxert though and to this day our van does not have airconditioning ….too expensive to fix and so we live without it but the trailer has the airconditioner …and we do have generter to use if necessary …thought it is sooooooooooo noisy. Keep enjoying your trip …hope Rick gets soome fish ..nothing like fresh caught fish ….Yummy
    I agree with you about Ace store in OS ..they are super helpful in every situation …..have fun and be safe …..:-)