CKC #9: A heavenly meal


Every time we go camping, one evening we dine on filet mignon Ric prepares on our little charcoal grill. That was tonight. I meant to take a photo of it but forgot when the delicacy appeared before me. We also made baked potato with sour cream and butter (if you’re going this way, you may as well go all the way!) and garden salad with balsamic vinaigrette. Yum. It was just as tasty this time as it was all the other times.

Ric hopes we will be having fresh trout for dinner tomorrow night, but so far he is fishless. He did meet some interesting characters while fishing though, so it was by no means wasted effort because his impression of the woman laughing at her drunk companion, complete with quivering limb, was quite entertaining.

Blaine says that the kitchen demo started today and was quite noisy. Pretty rotten of us to be camping this week while he stays home but when I booked this reservation six months ago, I had no idea what would be happening in our home this week. I started my new kitchen hope chest a long time ago and there have been plenty of moments I thought this day would never come. I’m so happy it has finally arrived.

My one wish for this trip is to gaze at the Milky Way. Too many clouds last night, so tonight has to be it as the rain returns tomorrow. I miss the milky way. Growing up where it was really dark at night has ruined me for city lights. My eyes need to touch the galaxy again.

That would be even more heavenly than our dinner was.


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  1. I was out in my yard (outside Canyonville, so yes, it’s dark) last night about 11 pm, looking for the Milky Way. It wasn’t visible at the time, but every other star in the sky was out. Hope you get to see the galaxy from where you are. From my yard, it’s stupendous.