CKC #6: Prineville or Bust(ers)!


Today we were supposed to leave for Prineville Reservoir State Park, but the park called this morning and told us their water system was down. First, can we pause and acknowledge how cool it is for a bureaucracy to make a call like that! Oregon State Parks FTW!

Because we are utterly dependent on having water in Toaster Moon (the peculiar name we have given our sweet 1964 Airstream, but that’s another story) and the fact that I was still waging a valiant battle to ward off the illness that put Blaine in bed for the past week, we opted to stay home another night to make sure the water was working and I was healing.

It’s raining on the road to Prineville Reservoir State Park but we’ll be all toasty up in Toaster Moon.

That meant we had to come up with another local meal idea. Ric said how about Busters Barbecue and I said fine. Good. We don’t like to shop. Done. Let’s move on.

I must say, Busters’ smoked meats are pretty much uber delicious. We are a babybacks family for the most part so we all opted for them and various side dishes.

When I called Monday morning, the water system was up and running so I ate my Buster leftovers just before we headed out, which gave me a good boost of protein to begin our journey.

It is raining, the forecast for Prineville is rain and 30 degrees on Monday night, but we’re on vacation dammit and we are going to have fun dammit. As long as the heater in Toaster Moon works and it doesn’t leak, we’re golden.


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