CKC #15: Will this be our wow factor?


New Seasons offers Hood strawberry tasting this weekend!

Tonight we shared a caesar salad and chicken pasta from the cafe in New Season’s Market. When you want a very affordable healthy quick meal, it’s hard to beat the options here. It’s not really a knock-you-socks-off wow kind of meal, but it’s very satisfying. We usually go to the Seven Corners location, very close to home. When we are retired, I picture us walking hand in hand to get our daily exercise and grab a bite here and run in to our peeps from the hood.

Speaking of the hood, HOOD STRAWBERRIES ARE HERE!!!!  I can’t wait to get my mouth around some of those tasty morsels. The best tasting variety of Oregon strawberries, in my humble opinion. (The ones we had a couple of weeks back weren’t Hoods but I enjoyed them up to the possible limit.)

So about the kitchen. Today at lunchtime I stopped in at the Ann Sacks Showroom a block from my office to look at glass tile for our backsplash. There are so many quite amazing and beautiful choices. As per usual, my favorite were the most expensive. Did you know that you can spend more than $400 $800 per square foot on tile? Gulp. Fortunately, there are perfectly fine much more affordable options. In fact, there are so many options, it’s a little overwhelming. So I borrowed a sample book so I can look at fewer at a time and reduce the options to a more manageable level.

Because the amount of space that will be backsplashed is quite small, requiring relatively small amount of tile, I’m hoping we can make it our wow factor. (Yes, I’ve been watching too much HGTV!)

I’ll keep you posted.


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