CKC #16: Time is on our side!


Today was a monumental day because we have a timeline. As in dates when things will happen. Cabinets will be delivered July 13, installed July 16. Countertop template July 19, install July 26.

Which means time is on our side for meeting our August 1st deadline! Sweet!

Which also means I seriously have to decide on the tile this week so it can be istalled right after the countertop. Which means we had to get a sample of the granite we are using so I can take it with me to the tile store at lunchtime tomorrow and make a decision. Which will also direct the paint and floor colors. Things be happnin!! We really are getting a new kitchen! It finally feels real!

But in the meantime, we must sustain ourselves with cookless dinners. Tonight we ate salmon, potato salad and Greek salad from Zupans. And strawberries. On the way to get the granite, there was a fruit stand. It had Hood strawberries,

I have already had three courses of them. Heavenly yum yum. And yes, there was ice cream involved.


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