CFC #19: Father’s Day at Castagna Cafe

Ric the dad

Ric with full belly after Father’s Day dinner at Castagna Cafe

Of course we celebrate Father’s Day, having such a wonderful father in the house.

I love to see how Ric is with his daughters Stacey and Amy, and with sons-in-law Tim and Gary and grandchildren Joe, Colin, Owen, Calla, Caitlyn and Ellery. He loves them so much and they light up his heart.

I also love how Ric is with Blaine. I feel like the luckiest mom of all because of how good a dad-guy Ric is to Blaine. They go to Blazer games together, they watch sports on tv and yell together, they go gambling together and other guy stuff. They get along so well. Someday I will write the chapter about men for my book. Let’s just say that all men are not like Ric. He will the hero of that chapter.

I’m so grateful. You have no idea. Really. You should have known some of the others. Not heroes.

Come to think of it, that could be a really fun chapter to read. And write. Stay tuned.:)

Oh, yes, about the food. Cafe Castagna is adjacent to the fancier Castagna, one of the great eateries in our neighborhood. It really might be our family favorite, the food is very fresh, fairly simple but so very delicious. In nice weather we walk down there now and then, hoping to sit at an outside table. It was a little too breezy outdoors tonight but we had a lovely time and meal. Ric had chicory soup with creme fraiche, ceasar salad and burger and fries. Blaine had rockfish and potatoes and a Hurricane, I had a burger with extra pickles and shared my fries with Blaine. We had enough leftovers for a lunch for the father among us.

I just realized this is our first eating out dinner since we began the Cookless Kitchen Chronicles. Usually we get takeout. Well, I guess it would be more accurate to say always we get takeout. Except for the night before when Ric barbecued. And tonight at Cafe Castagna.

I kind of think there should be a song about Cafe Castagna. As Ric would say with a phone to his ear, “This is Marie, call Ric.”


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