CKC#20: Leftover city


Today Ric had leftovers from Cafe Castagna for lunch, now we are all having leftovers for dinner. We are each trying to eat a pint of fresh strawberries a day so we get our fill during our brief strawberry season. I’m sad I can’t make jam this summer, having no kitchen and all :(. I’ll make up for it next year.

We need to clean the rest of the stuff from the fridge. I confess I can’t wait til this fridge rides off into the sunset. It’s about 35 years old, not very energy efficient and some of the parts are falling off. It’s also that old style that has the freezer on top, so you have to bend over to reach anything, it’s hard to see in the back, etc. Our new one has the freezer on the bottom, with pull out drawers, and two doors that swing open on top so that everything is visible and reachable. Energy Trust of Oregon is has a small rebate when you replace your old fridge with a new much more efficient one. A reward for good behavior :).

We sold our old stove on Craigslist this weekend, practically gave it away but the folks really needed one and were very happy with it. Also sold a dresser we no longer have room for. Bookshelves next I hope.

Today Ric ordered a window to replace the old one in the kitchen that hardly worked anymore. Do you know how much windows cost???? Unbelievably expensive! And guess who forgot to include it in the budget? That would be me, I didn’t realize we would have to replace it. So if you see a loose $1,500 lying on a sidewalk somewhere, that’s mine, that where I dropped it, give me a ring.

Paul is starting the framing tomorrow and drywall will be the first week of July. It’s gonna get noisy around these parts.


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  1. “We are each trying to eat a pint of fresh strawberries a day” — I love it.