CKC #21: Bottom of the barrel (in the fridge)


So we’re getting close to the bottom of the barrel  – the barrel in the fridge, that is. Tonight Ric and I shared some rather pedestrian clam chowder, he also had a bowl of cereal, and there are strawberries and klondike bars in our future, I’m quite sure. Blaine gets to have a ham and cheese croissant from Nuvrei Patisserie (their website is seriously out of date, so check them out on Facebook: If you have not been to Nuvrei, please go now. These people know how to bake, Ric says so. The cinnamon danish with orange glaze is pretty much the best thing you’ll ever eat.

Nuvrei is right across the street from my office, oh so handy to pick up a thing or two. And now they serve lunch! Why haven’t I thought to get takeout there around lunchtime and bring it home for dinner? Easily remedied, dear reader, I see a visit to Nuvrei in my immediate future.

The rafters that will hold up the new ceiling to accommodate a large support beam and new wiring for lights went up today. I swear, in these old houses you discover all sorts of little surprises inside the walls, so a project like this calls for what in the software industry is known as agile development. We’ll call it agile remodeling from now on, okay?

We are discovering that our biggest challenge right now is having no direct access to the backyard from inside the house, which will be the case through at least the drywall stage, I’m pretty sure. When the dogs wake up in the morning, they are accustomed to heading straight to the back door and into the back yard whereupon they immediately discharge their nocturnal accumulations. It is proving quite a challenge for Ric to redirect them, get leashes on and out front before their waters begin to flow. Hence the multiple pee pads at strategic locations around our abode. And I figure we will be due for a complete carpet cleaning and floor refinishing when the kitchen is done.

Won’t that be fun?




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