CKC #22: Burgers from the Ville


Not exactly an inspired choice, but it was late and we were hungry and there was a lot of light and motion going on so we kept it simple. Actually, for fast food, Burgerville is a cut above. Their motto is Fresh-Local-Sustainable. They make a point to feature fresh ingredients, good quality natural food (e.g., the beef is without hormones or antibiotics, locally raised), use local sources and are all about sustainability (using wind power and composting all their waste, for example). And their food is actually quite delicious.

It’s all very Portlandia.

It’s available only in a limited area, there are only 38 of them in the whole world. I’m sorry for those of you out of its range. You’ll just have to come here to experience the goodness. 🙂

I’m afraid we aren’t very good hosts at the moment, however. Our home might not have enough places to sit at the moment, and we won’t be serving refreshments. 😦

It’s hard not to be able to do hospitality. So maybe we’ll just take you out for a burger from the ville.


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