CKC # 23: Birthday from Nuvrei


Ric takes up his Airstream guitar (yes, there is such a thing) after Blaine fools mates him at chess.

Today is Ric’s birthday. It’s the day Lennon and McCartney foretold in the Sgt. Pepper track… you remember how it goes… “will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64?” Ric does not look 64, he certainly doesn’t act 64. Let me put it to you this way: would a 64 year old be photographed in this pose?

He could be the poster child for how our generation is redefining age.

Being without a kitchen on a birthday is a challenge. No baking a cake, no preparing a favorite meal with loving hands. So I did the next best thing. I picked it up on the way home from work. Yes, another visit to Nuvrei.

I got an assortment of items and let everybody choose, Ric got to go first.

He chose the avocado and shrimp on croissant with apricot creme fraiche; Blaine had the PBJ on brioche with raspberry preserve and he and I shared the Croque Monsieur on brioche bread with Tails & Trotter’s ham; Mom (who is visiting to go to her regular checkup at Oregon Health and Science University) chose the chicken breast on Nuvrei bread with apple and bacon.

Nuvrei macarons

Nuvrei macarons. You need to have one of each.

The birthday cake was an assortment of colorful Parisian macarons (this image courtesy When you bite into them, there is a kind of crunchy outer shell that cracks and a sweet gooey filling oozes from the inside, with a buttery almondy goodness. A very light and tasty bite.

The flavors are suggested by the colors (e.g., orange is organ, yellow is lemon, etc etc).

Their croissants are great too. And the bagels…they are made from pretzel dough! And they come in flavors.

Okay, enough Nuvrei for today.

And about the kitchen: got the marmoleum ordered at Green Depot and all the samples have been returned. The framing will continue this weekend, the wiring next week. We have one more pendant fixture to get, otherwise the lights have been selected and/or secured. Feeling like things are on track.

What a difference it makes to know for sure you can trust the contractor. I would say that accounts for about 95% of construction stress. Do you agree?


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