CFC # 24: Leftovers


Leftovers. Nothing more to say.

Except we changed our minds about the kitchen lighting. We’re going with cans after all. We decided this during one of the strangest shopping experiences ever. We went to Globe Lighting to write down the names and numbers of what we wanted, then a saleswoman with laryngitis so bad we couldn’t hear a word she said convinced us cans were the way to go. Since we didn’t hear what she said, I can’t explain why we changed our minds. I don’t totally understand either. But we got the names of numbers of the cans.

Then Ric let me buy a beautiful pendant for over the sink… Italian art glass of course. It was on sale for half price at PH Reed, I had spotted it during a lunchtime walk near my office 🙂 It’s so beautiful. The owner wanted to sell it and another as a pair but he let me get just one. So happy!

So we will have four pendants at strategic locations around the room and otherwise cans. Number to be determined.



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