CKC # 25: Really really fast food


So Saturday was not actually a day off from work. I had to do a work presentation to Ford Family Foundation Leadership Institute alums, and it was in Bend. Ric was kind enough to accompany Tyler from Context Partners and me. We drove there in the morning, did the workshops in the afternoon, drove home in the evening and fell into bed about 11 p.m. It was dinner time when we drove through Madras,  we swung through the drive through at the Burger King on Highway 97, then ate really really fast so we could get soft cones at the Dairy Queen about a block away. And we ate them really really fast before they melted all over us.

The every changing light in the sky was so beautiful on the drive home by Mt. Hood. I would have taken a photo to show you but I was enjoying the road trip music mix on my ipod too much.

The new support beam between the two parts of the kitchen is in, Paul is finishing up the framing today, we are still on for electrical on Monday. Ric and I spent a couple of hours looking for a pendant I was sure I bought months ago and put in a safe place in the basement, but didn’t find it… so I decided we didn’t need it after all.

We’re getting cans now, remember?


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