CKC #26: Anniversary Dinner at Nostrana


Meat as far as the eye can see

So tonight was a step above recent past. No fast food for this day. It’s our 11th anniversary. Best years of our lives. My how time flies.

With the help of a coupon, we went to Nostrana, an Italian place near our home. It’s been restaurant of the year in Portland and is a very popular spot. Great food. Great atmosphere. Great wine. Great everything.

Ric swung for the fences, ordering the Bistecca alla Fiorentina, dry aged thirty-one days 2-inch thick, 1 kilo St. Helens rib steak. OMG. One kilo is a lot! We are talking a huge platter with nothing but meat on it. As far as the eye can see. Shown to the flame of a wood fire. See for yourself.

The salad that made Ric the Radicchio Man

This was after he downed the Insalata Nostrana – radicchio, parmigiano, rosemary-sage croutons with Cæsar-style dressing. This was a bit of a shock, as Ric has been quite vocal about his distaste for radicchio in times past. But if you are married to Ric, if nothing else, you must be prepared for surprises. And he LOVED this salad! Declared it the best he had ever eaten. Which was no surprise at all..

I had the Insalata mista – lettuces, crisp seasonal vegetables arbequina olive oil, red wine vinegar (so very fresh and crisp and tasty!) – and the Sunday Overnight Lamb  with salsa verde, mashed potatoes, snap peas. Despite not being what I expected, it was comfortingly delicious. Especially with the delicious pinot noir I had with it.

We both have leftovers. Especially Ric. Spoiler alert: my next post may be as boring as my former leftover posts have been.

We brought Smoky Rotisserie Chicken with spicy onion relish, chickpeas all’uccelletto and braised kale home for Blaine.

And then I ate some Moonstruck chocolate Ric got me for our anniversary. I am a contented woman. Yes I am.


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