CKC #28: Esparza’s please!


Tonight when we were discussing what to have for dinner, I said “Esparza’s please!”

Esparza’s Tex Mex Cafe is another great place not far from home. We got takeout tonight but it’s a place I recommend you visit in person because of the decor. Including a coiled rattlesnake striking from the ceiling. And armadillos! Seriously, you need to see for yourself.

But about the food. One thing they are known for are the meats they smoke themselves, which are so very delicious. Some of their meats are unusual in these here parts, like buffalo and wild boar.

I often order the Dale Evans tacos (smoked lamb with cheddar cheese and mole sauce). Blaine inhales the barbecued shredded pork nachos and Ric is partial to the Carne Asada (Joe’s special) that is a marinated 12-oz rib eye steak grilled with beans, mashed potatoes and a cheese and onion enchilada topped with chile con carne but tonight he mixed it up and got the Oregon Trail enchilada (cheese and onion topped with smoked beef brisket with mashed potatoes, beans and salad.) The generous portions mean we’ll be having leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

More wiring progress today. Figuring out which lights are on which switches and where you can turn them on and off is very challenging. It’s like some kind of map puzzle. Spatial skills required. Who says a geography degree isn’t practical?!

And guess what! Since we couldn’t find the fixture I was sure I bought, I get to buy another one. I wonder what color it will be?


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