CKC #31: Friday night, time to cha!cha!cha!


Cha!Cha!Cha! has become a Portland institution. A place that has really good and healthy food for astonishingly low prices for the quantity and quality.

Here’s its website description:

“Cha Cha Cha was created in an ongoing journey to bring the healthiest and most sustainable ingredients to your table, while keeping with the traditional cooking values that owner/chef Javier Hurtado was taught when he was a young boy in Cuernavaca, Mexico . Cha serves authentic Mexican cuisine with an emphasis on organic and local ingredients striving to be modern yet traditional with an eclectic mix of dishes.”

Be sure to check out the menu. You’ll see some interesting takes on traditional dishes and some you probably haven’t seen elsewhere. Since we’re in Portlandia, there are a number of vegan options of course.

We’ve come to know owner/chef Javier Hurtado because one of Cha!Cha!Cha! locations is in Ric’s commercial building at 4727 NE Fremont. He’s a very kind and hardworking gentleman and an inspirational success story. We think he’s great!

Ric and I both had the shrimp burrito in red sauce. Oh so tasty. Blaine had a cheese and chicken quesadilla and a pastor taco.

This place is a highly recommend! Give it a try. And if you’re looking for a job, I hear they’re hiring.

Today was inspection day, cable install day and clean up the demo things the demo crew left. It was a little bit of chaos, that’s for sure. The inspection went very well, Paul just has to put the stove hood vent in and call for another inspection of that, and we are ready for drywall. We were hoping for Monday, but this additional inspection might nudge us to Tuesday. That’s gonna be a fun day her at Madison Pond. Not. But every step forward is a victory.

Now if only Ric and I had the energy to take to the dance floor and cha cha cha.


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