CKC #32: Not so much about the food


Tonight Blaine wheeled over from Free Geek and we met up with Joyce and Tom at Cartopia, the closest-to-home food cart pod, and one of the very first in Portland. You may have heard how the food cart scene has taken off in Portland. There are more than 475 carts, in ever expanding locations. There’s a guide to carts, with a map.

Four of us had pizza from Pyro Pizza and Blaine had a hot dog from Bubba Bernies, then we went across the street to have sundaes with fresh Oregon strawberries at Burgerville.

It’s like watching part of a bar slowly navigate as the patrons power it by pedaling as they drink.

Everything was tasty, but tonight wasn’t so much about the food. The highlight was the mini naked bike ride that passed by as we waited to cross the street (I wasn’t fast enough to get a photo), followed by the appearance of Pedalounge.

If you don’t know what a pedal lounge is, this from its website: “We love our bikes and we love our beer and some of us even love the rain. The Pedalounge fits right in. It’s a bike on steroids seating 16 fun seeking folks up for a good time. We will cruise the streets of the Southeast Brewing District in Portland for a couple of hours, wave hello to onlookers and stop for a cold ale if you’re thirsty.”

We looked for Fred and Carrie but they still hadn’t arrived when we left. Cartopia is open until 3 a.m. so if you’re up late, you might still catch them. Pro tip: if you are showing Portlandia tourists about town, Cartopia should be on your list of places to hit.

In the kitchen today, Paul got the hood vent in and started the insulation, which he’ll finish tomorrow. Final inspections and sheetrock delivery scheduled for Monday afternoon, with the nailing in earnest beginning Tuesday morning. We can’t wait.


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