CKC #31: From Special K to specialties


Look, reader, look. See the walls. See how nicely insulated they are!

It doesn’t get much simpler than having Special K for dinner, but that’s what I did the evening Ric and Blaine went to Spirit Mountain Casino for their gambling fix. (It’s a guy thing, they tell me.) I know, not a very special meal, hardly worth reporting.

This reminds me that when I was single, I had cereal for dinner on a regular basis. I wonder if that’s true of others. Do you prepare/cook meals for just yourself or only when there’s more than one person at the table? Inquiring minds want to know.

What is worth reporting is the whole lot that happened in the cookless kitchen over the weekend. Paul worked pretty much around the clock both days to keep us on schedule, installing the hood vent for the stove and insulating the outside walls and all manner of other things needed to prepare the studs for accepting drywall.

Look, reader, look. See Paul instruct the nailers.

Passed all inspections in a less than 20 second glance from the inspector (for which we paid a lot of $???) and the sheetrock deliverers carried in sheets of drywall as big as the decks of aircraft carriers. Seriously, these are the biggest slabs I’ve ever seen.

I’ve learned a few things about sheetrock. It’s become incredibly specialized! I thought one person did all the steps, but apparently that’s no longer true. There are the deliverers, and then there are nailers, and then there are mudders.

This morning Paul met the nailers around 7:30, and was giving them instructions as I left for work. The mudders are coming tomorrow. It remains to be seen if the mudder is also the sander, or the sanders are yet another specialty.

Tune in again tomorrow to find out!


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