CKC #34: Eating noodles with fish sauce, watching mud dry


Portland’s best known vietnamese restaurant Pho Van began its life out on 82nd avenue but proved so popular it opened new spots in other neighborhoods. There’s the more upscale Silk in the Pearl, four flights directly below my office, often sending the aromas of its tasty morsels wafting up and into our windows, jump starting our salivary glands before the lunch hour and frequently luring us to its door for our midday meal.

Sometime later a branch opened on Hawthorne in a corner spot other eateries had encountered failure. Pho Van seems to be succeeding here, making it oh so convenient for us. Ric and I both got the number 51, grilled honey lemongrass pork and crispy rolls over rice noodles and chopped fresh greens, basil, daikon, carrot, bean sprouts and cilantro. With a generous helping of fish sauce, naturally. Yum-me!

Blaine went the comfort food route. His very sweet personal attendant Annamarie brought him some fresh out of the oven mac and cheese using a special recipe she and her boyfriend had perfected. It smelled so delicious i had to put it in a special hiding place so Ric and i wouldn’t eat it.

Nothing further to report on the kitchen, we are just sitting here watching the latest coat of mud dry. And if that’s not enough excitement for one day, wait til you hear where we’re going tonight! And what we’re doing!


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