CKC #38: A lot of catch uppin’ to do


So it’s been a while since we looked in on the cookless kitchen. Here are my excuses, in order of appearance:

  1. It was my birthday and I felt so stoopid for not taking a photo of the amazing meal we had that evening that I couldn’t face you.
  2. It was hot and I was tired.
  3. We went out of town.
  4. Wifi access was iffy.
  5. I was lazy.

Okay, now let’s move on. I’m going to try to make up for all that lost time in one post. I think. In any case, as our old friend Patrick said when he was reunited with his family after 40+ years since he was institutionalized as a very young boy, “We have a lot of catch uppin’ to do!”

Can someone please explain the connection between the disappearance of urban goats and raspberries? Anyone? Fred? Carrie?

Let’s start with the Birthday Meal. Well, actually, it was more like three meals that day. My dear friend Phoebe took me to lunch at Cafe Allora near our office and I had a delicious caprese salad. And ate the whole thing. Then at a regular late afternoon weekly meeting at Context Partners – where three of us had birthdays within four days of one another! – those sweet folks brought in a huge cake made of ice cream and I ate a whole piece.

Then we went to dinner at one of my very very most favorite neighborhood places – Iorio. Ric and I had the fresh razor clam special (me with a crispy greens and candied walnut salad, Ric with the Caesar salad) and Blaine had fresh mozzarella pizza. I guess we were so overcome with the deliciousness that none of the three of us managed to take a photo though two of us took our phones out during the meal (and one of them was not me!)

This time I did not eat the whole thing, but took the rest with me to eat at my mom’s the next day. We did take a photo on the way home. Can someone please explain what this sign means? We are worried we are failing the #Portlandia test… please clue us in!

I had my Iorio leftovers for lunch after I got to my mom’s house, then my brother Denny barbecued chicken for a birthday dinner (my sister-in-law Tammie and I are one day apart). Very tasty grub, but the “performance” my brother promised (threatened?) me with did not materialize. For which I am probably grateful.

Blaine's "best I ever tasted" lamb

Blaine’s “best I ever tasted” lamb

The next night I had Special K with red berries for dinner and Ric and Blaine tortured me with photos of their meals at Seven Feathers Casino. Blaine said it was the best lamb he had ever eaten and Ric said his New York steak Oscar with crab and bernaise sauce was too salty. Poor papa bear.

Papa Bear’s steak oscar was too salty.


100 of these balloons went up for Cindy

On Saturday we went to a picnic in honor of Cindy Coop, one of the best people we’ve ever known. Her tragic death when her car was hit by a flatbed truck last winter left a big hole in our family. My brother Curt is one of the bravest people we know, as he has done so much to honor her life despite his own devastating grief. At the memorial/reunion picnic, the crowd released 100 balloons Curt had made and watched them drift upward, soaring until out of sight. But never out of mind. Or hearts.

Hearts to heaven for Cindy. Photo by Curt Deatherage. Click on photo to see on his site.


Life goes on, as it must. Kitchen makeovers continue. Even when bad things happen to great people.

When we last checked, a bit of paint was going up on the walls. As you might imagine, a lot has happened since then.

Painting was finished (Ric did a terrific job working with nice but not so easy paint).

Will the cookless kitchen become a purple people eater? OMG did I just say that???

Electrical was finished, and cabinets were delivered. Do you think all these are going to actually fit in the space?

These are going to fit into this space???


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