CKC #39: The week that was


This has been a whirlwind of a week at work. I have been so busy I have no earthly idea what I ate for dinner. Seriously. I’ve been lucky to find time to breathe. So there will be a Rosemary Woods-like gap for all time in the Cookless Kitchen Chronicles.

Just like America did with Watergate, you’ll have to speculate about the content of that which has gone missing. But you’ll know it was probably pretty darned incriminating.

Fortunately, however, people were also busy here on the home front and it’s really starting to look like a kitchen all up in there. See what I mean:

The present state of the kitchen, north side.

The present state of the kitchen, south side.

Floor goes in today, then the cabinet guys come back and finish. Countertop template made, installation next week.

Maybe reaching the home stretch? Hope so, we are all getting a little squirrelly in the rest of the house.


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