CKC #40: We’re floored.


Today the floor went in. Masterful installer Dan had put the underboards (that may not be the accurate name for them) over the existing floor yesterday, and today he cut and laid the marmoleum.

To say we love it would be an understatement. It would be more fitting to say these floors have us…..well, floored. The color is so rich, so glowy and luxurious, so…. oh, I just thought of the perfect word for it: je ne sais quoi! Wouldn’t you agree?

The name of the color is azurro

Now that you see it next to the walls, do you kinda get where we’re going here?

Zut alors! Les couleurs! C’est delicieux, c’est marveilleux!


4 responses

    • What is “Marmoleum”??? I am a kitchen designer, and I have never heard of this. Your color choices are quite bold. You obviously love to think outside of the box. Anxious to see the finished product.

      • You must not be designing kitchens in Portlandia! 🙂 Marmoleum (see has become more and more popular here because it is made from all natural ingredients (linseed oil, wood waste and pine rosin), is certified sustainable (from extraction all the way through installation), naturally anti-static and antimicrobial, great for people with allergies or respiratory issues and comes in more than 100 wonderful colors. It feels great underfoot and is so easy to clean, basically just damp mop it and you’re done.

        Yes, I am totally in love with color! It makes me happy, and I want a kitchen to be happy in! Stay tuned, we’re are rounding third and heading for home!

  1. Wow. As was said above, the colors are bold. I think the new kitchen will compliment your lovely, warm, colorful home in a big way.