CKC #42: A lull, then Lardo!


Today was nice, because we had no workers in our space. I hadn’t realized how much I needed a lull in the commotion.

Paul has been putting in a lot of work on weekends. Working at home has sometimes been a necessity because someone has to let the workers in, answer their questions, make executive decisions and so on. I am one of those people who likes to maintain a focus while working, I’m not so good with constant interruptions. So it’s been hard, but for the most part we’ve managed to keep our eyes on the prize.The ever present crowd at Lardo

We are working against the clock because on August 2nd, our granddaughters arrive for their annual summer stayover. Originally it was to be Aug. 4, but the date got moved up so we are really scrambling. That’s why I’m surprised that a day of quiet felt so peaceful and not “omg we only have 10 days left, someone should be here nail-gunning something!!”

For dinner we had Lardo, a new hip place just across the street from Cartopia food cart land. Lardo is slammed with people every time we go by even though it just opened this month. In fact, Lardo used to be a food cart so apparently its clientele has followed it to this location. Along with attracting others like us from the hood.

It calls itself a modern sandwich shop and beer garden. We went because a tweep I know to be well traveled and fooded recently tweeted that Lardo’s Bahn Mi was the best food he had ever eaten anywhere.

Here are some useful facts from Lardo’s website:  Lardo is a type of salume made by curing strips of fatback with rosemary and other herbs and spices. [Okay, so then I had to google salume, and learned that it’s “prepared cooked meat or sausage, especially in the Italian style.” Then I looked up fatback and learned it is “the layer of adipose tissue under the skin of the back of a domestic pig.” So I looked up adiopose tissue and well, read it for yourself, I’m getting tired: adipose tissue entry  in wikipedia. In short, eating adipose tissue of the pig likely ends up as adiopose tissue of the human.

Which brings us back to what we ate. Ric and I had the Pork Meatball Bahn Mi (with sriracha aoili, pickled vegetables, cilantro) and Blaine had the Double Burger (pork belly, cheddar, lardo sauce) and Lardo fries (with fried herbs and parmesan).

It was quite delicious, and we were as impressed with the bread as what the bread held. As Ric pointed out, “Anything would be good on this bread.”

I wouldn’t say it is the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life, but it is hella good. Highly recommend.


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