OMG! The cockandballs plant is back!!!


It’s nothing short of a miracle!  A plant the world thought had gone extinct has been found growing again at Madison Pond!

Our parking strip was once full of these oddities of nature. I documented their existence in an earlier post you simply must see! Go there NOW!  Seriously, you will not be disappointed. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Then they disappeared. We never planted them, they always volunteered to emerge from the earth. But maybe the winter was too harsh, or maybe they were getting too much attention from the many pilgrims who made their way to our property to view the sacred phallic spires.

I had assumed they had gone the way of the dodo bird. But suddenly, out of nowhere, cockandballs is back.

We thought we’d never see cockandballs again!

I must get to the bottom of this. I’ll be back.


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