I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m not sure how to go about it. Please bear with me while I blunder through it.

I knew this already but Blaine’s recent serious illness, hospitalization and recovery brought this right back into focus. My husband, Ric Seaberg, is a such a wonderful husband, father and all around human being. He’s been there through every bit of what was a really hard time these past few weeks. I feel like the luckiest woman on the face of the earth. I wish you could see how he is with Blaine. So patient, so kind, so generous of his time, giving him opportunities he would never otherwise have…Blaine would not be having such a happy and fulfilling life if it weren’t for Ric.

Many of you may have no idea that in his late teens and early 20s, Ric was on his way to become a rock star. I was never fortunate enough to hear his band–Morning Reign–play live back in the day, but I’ve heard records they made and the stories about appearing on the tv show Happening ’68, recording at studios in LA in 1969, and so forth. And I got to see him perform at a reunion of his band for a show last fall and he’s definitely still got it! (Check out him doing a cover of Good Lovin at that gig and you’ll see what I mean!)

Jonathan Nicholas (remember him? where is he now?) once wrote in his Oregonian column that in a kinder and gentler world, Ric would have been a rock star. I think he’s right. He may have even made it in the real world, but the realities of becoming a teen parent sent him in other directions. Where he did great things too!

Fortunately, I get to watch Ric make music now, recording it in his little bedroom digital studio. He’s such a talented songwriter, I swear his lyrics could not be more brilliant. Would you believe he once rhymed garage with maharaj?? And his topics! No one on the planet writes songs about things Ric observes or imagines or makes up. I think his new CD–Consciousness–is his best one ever.

Ric loves his life and has no regrets, but I know there’s a little part of him that wonders, “What if…” I think he sorta kinda wishes he could have a hit song in this lifetime.

So there’s a little thing I’d like to do for Ric, to thank him for all he is and does, especially for Blaine. Just once, I’d like him to experience the feeling of having a hit. But I need your help. Ric’s music is on

I am going to ask you to go to one of those places between now and March 5th and buy something. It can be a song or an album or any combination of whatever you want. If you don’t have even 99 cents to spare, I know it’s a tough time right now, I’d be really happy give you a scholarship if you just let me know!

If you’re going to buy just one song, I recommend “The Blessing and Curse of Consciousness” on the Consciousness album. If you want to buy an album, I recommend Consciousness, then 1000 Songs, then Santa Monica and so forth…

It’s about the numbers. He’ll be able to see a sudden jump in activity and he will be so so excited and happy! He’ll feel on top of the world. And don’t you agree that would be the most wonderful thing for him?

Won’t you please help me pull this off? And can you pretty please pass this on to your friends and family. I want this puppy to go VIRAL!!  And seriously, I’m only doing you a favor, because if you haven’t yet discovered Ric’s music yet, you don’t know how much you’re missing and how happy you’ll be to discover it!

Thank you so much for your help, I sure hope this works!!


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  1. Hey Cuz, Lost an old Friend yesterday, so I thought I would check my Facebook page for other comments about his passing. There I saw your post about Blaine which led me to try and find more information which lead me to your request to give a little back to Rick which I just did in the form of “The Pee Bottle Song” I hope it works like you are hoping but regardless, give Blaine a hi and get well soon from me.and now I’m going to go listen to PBS. No not that one… the Pee Bottle Song.