This blog contains some of the contents of marie’s head and heart.


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  1. Marie, your honorable struggle lends perspective to folks who only have the garden variety to-do lists, jobs, children and spouses to juggle. By comparison we have so little to worry over.. just busy lives.

    Hats off to you and your family. And congratulations on the new chapter with some help so richly deserved. I wish you continued strength, and the time to care for yourself.

  2. Hello, I too am raising a child with spina bifida. Thorasic myelomeningocele, with all the goodies that come along with it. My hat is off to you! What blessings our babies are! Shh…mine is a sophmore in HS now so he would freak if I actually still called him my “baby”. 🙂

  3. Hi Marie, glad to have found you (via Twitter). My name’s John and I’m contacting you from an audio walking tour platform called VoiceMap. Your latest blog post (about Blaine’s ramp) is exactly the type of attention to detail that go into city storytelling, and I hope what we do is relevant to you.

    We publish GPS audio walking and storytelling tours in cities around the world. I’m getting in touch because we’d like to know if you’re interested in perhaps creating a garden tour or a walking route around an area you know well for visitors to experience. Below is more information. Get in touch if you’re interested, or join me on skype for a 2-minute FAQ.

    John Bartmann


    Writers use our platform to create GPS-triggered audio walking, cycling and driving routes around areas of interest. Listeners are able to download your personalized walking tour and experience an immersive walk through the area, with your voice narrating and guiding them through various spots along the way.

    GPS auto-triggering means listeners can conduct the tour at any time, and on their own time. Hundreds of top-notch writers, passionate locals and tour guides have already embraced this new and fun publishing format.

    You can choose a small fee for your route (up to US$10). We publish to all popular phone models and split royalties on downloads evenly. Intellectual property remains all yours.

    Check out our current selection of routes and let me know if this is of interest to you. At the very least, let me know if you’d like to experience one routes near you. I’m available on skype to explain further.

    What is VoiceMap?

    Info video on what we’re about

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